Mail Art

Supporter of Mail Art in the 1980s and 1990s


Exhibiting since 1978

Examples of work in the USA

Several paintings are in private collections in the USA


Examples of prints in private and municipal collections in Europe, Asia and America

Napalm Exmoor

Paintings in reaction to the landscape


Fine art photography is the opposite of photojournalism or holiday snapping – commercial photography is used to advertise products or services. #bullshit #photographyisnotart

Exeter Art College

These are photos of the deserted building in Earl Richards Road North in Exeter the site of the former Exeter College of Art and Design

About (?)

This Window (UK) was formed by Peter Bright around 1985; earlier tape experiments exist from 1979 to 1984. These tape experiments formed the basic philosophy of This Window


As a group it would be safe to describe them as mainly ‘Working Class’ and as is typical with this class of society, they were extremely dull of mind and poorly educated

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Memories: Dead birds and rubber gloves, stolen kisses, pouches of Chinese fresh drinking water, broken dreams, sections of discarded fishing nets strewn across the tourist beach, lovers in the darkness groping for the dark, hands first finding spaces, then they find there mark, my father, my ghost, my hopes and dreams, stinking of rotting carcasses and seaweed, paintings of objects, places, people and dreams. I think I am back!

Rediscovering the printing process after nearly 40 years has been an interesting process ~ disappointingly modern inks are not as rich in colour (earthy colours are very plastic like) and modern waterbased inks don’t become part of the surface, they sit on it, which is incredibly frustrating ~ the reason I took up printing in the first place was because of the absorbed flatness of the pigments.

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